• 500 status code pages are important

    By Nuno Mariz, on 11 May 2007 @ 09:09
    Yes, at some point it breaks, but the bad is showing a crap error page like this.
    I've got this from last night.
  • Feedburner

    By Nuno Mariz, on 28 March 2007 @ 18:51
    The feeds are now served by Feedburner. Don't change your bookmarks, the URLs are the same, thanks to mod_rewrite and apache:
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !FeedBurner                                                                                                                                                                                             
    RewriteRule ^/blog/rss/$ [R,L]                                                                                                                                                                       
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !FeedBurner                                                                                                                                                                                             
    RewriteRule ^/blog/comments/rss/$ [R,L]
  • Portuguese translation of Django in the trunk

    By Nuno Mariz, on 21 March 2007 @ 14:47
    The Portuguese(pt_PT) translation of Django is now in the trunk.
    svn co
  • Portuguese translation of Django

    By Nuno Mariz, on 16 March 2007 @ 11:08
    Django Project
    I've submitted the Portuguese(pt_PT) translation of Django, meanwhile you can download the unofficial version in the downloads section.
  • FOWA 2007

    By Nuno Mariz, on 14 March 2007 @ 12:46
    I went to FOWA 2007 in London and here some notes taken:
    The emphasis of the conference was more about business, I was aspected a more technical approach. But was nice though.

    Mike Arrigton(TechCrunch), Bubble 2.0 - are we in a bubble?
    He said there are still a lot more to come:

    We have not yet seen the peek of what's happening in the new web 2.0 era.
    Some advices:
    • Have a good idea:
      • Invert a market
      • Destroy a market
      • Remove friction
    • Have a business plan
    • Have a revenue model
    • Build it cheap, test the waters

    Tara Hunt(Citizen Agency) talked about the "Community Building":

    • Lightweight social processes
    • Low-barrier social involvement
    • Collaborative information structures
    • High end collaboration
    • Simple platforms

    Simon Wadly(Fotango) talked about Zimki, personally I don't understand the idea of selling this product.

    Mike Anders(Adobe) gave a nice technical demonstration of Flex, he created a interface for searching photos on Flickr. Was quite impressive.
    He also talked about Actionscript 3, which ships with Flash 9 plugin and has some improvements in performance(up to 10 times faster than Actionscript 2.0).

    Chris Wilson(Microsoft) was talking about the future of web browsers. He talked about the features in IE 7, namely tabbing and alpha transparency in PNGs(WOW, no comments on this). He also focused in the effort to follow the standards.

    Matthew Ogle & Amil Bowa Cavia( gave some "Early growth lessons":

    • Don't overextend - Scale with your growth, not before
    • Make some revenue, scale with increased usage
      • Google adds
      • User subscriptions

    Kevin Rose(Digg) talked only about the Digg annual report.

    Khoi Vinh( exposed some of the design challenges at the New York Times.

    Simon Willison rock the crowd with his speech about OpenID, Simon you're the man!

    Daniel Appelquist(Vodafone) gave a nice talk about the future of mobile.

    Ramus Lerdorf(Yahoo!) the creator of PHP, gave us a trip down memory lane, he talked about Mosaic, early versions of HTML and PHP. Not very interesting stuff.
    Some quotes:

    I hate programming. It's tedious. It's no fun. It's like flying: setting in a smelly metal tube with other people. But I love problem-solving.
    Basically, you can never click on a link.
    I have two browsers: one to for browsing and one for sites that I have personal data.
    I think this quotes says all.

    We had a Portuguese in the speakers, Bruno Figueiredo that talked about JEDI(Just Enough Documentation for Interactions), a documentation technique.

    Final thoughts:
    This is only a few speakers, you can take a look in FOWA 2007 website for more details and MP3 recordings.
    The overall result of the conference was good, the best was meeting the people and exchange some ideas.
    The bad was no WI-FI and Carlos that couldn't make it, I went alone.

  • New weblog

    By Nuno Mariz, on 12 March 2007 @ 14:12
    This the last post in this URL. I've moved this weblog to, please update your bookmark.
  • First post

    By Nuno Mariz, on 12 March 2007 @ 00:17
    Welcome to my new weblog.
    I've built this weblog with Django and for now it has the simple features needed.
    Here is some features that will be implemented in the future:

  • Mac OS X: decoder jpeg not available

    By Nuno Mariz, on 26 January 2007 @ 12:07
    If you are using PIL(Python Imaging Library) on Mac OS X(Tiger), you will probably have a "decoder jpeg not available" when resizing a jpeg image.
    This probably means that PIL doesn't have JPEG support, because libjpeg wasn't found when PIL was being configured.
    Here is the solution:
    • Download, compile and install jpeglib and zlib
    • Edit PIL and change to:
      JPEG_ROOT = "/usr/local/include"
      ZLIB_ROOT = "/usr/local/include"
    • Compile:
      python build_ext -i
    • Test:
    • If the result is something like this:
      "57 tests passed."
    • You are ready to go:
      python install
  • New year...

    By Nuno Mariz, on 10 January 2007 @ 00:21
    New year...
    New job...
    New programming language...
    New laptop...
    New life!
  • Back from Honeymoon

    By Nuno Mariz, on 5 November 2006 @ 20:40
    I'm back from our honeymoon, this is the first post as married status. Our honeymoon was full of adventure, we had a forced stop in Doha(Qatar) for about 12 hours, caused by another delay at London Heathrow airport, due to our airplane being struck by lighting. Although this seems a nightmare, it turned out to be quite fun as we met a lot of interesting people. Among them was a nice couple of portuguese(Valter and Catarina from Naza - private joke;)), that continued the journey with us to Meeru Island. We miss you guys! Resume: Simply delicious, paradise on earth, fantastic! You can view some photos here.